Harvest Moon Craft Kitchen

The aroma of freshly ground and brewed coffee. A warm and inviting environment. The laughter of good friends. A wide variety of flavorful, creative and healthy menu items. And, a highly attentive and friendly staff waiting to serve you. Sounds like just where you want to be, doesn’t it? Well, welcome to Harvest Moon Café. Whether you are in a hurry and just want a great cup of coffee to go, want to catch up on some emails out of the office or just want to stay and unwind awhile, Harvest Moon Café is the perfect place
for you.

By combining ingredients from The Garden Herb Shop, including organic herbs and spices and a variety of organic or natural ingredients, Harvest Moon Café offers healthier menu items to the community. Our approach is to follow the seasons and offer items that are fresh and seasonal. We offer items like nitrite- and nitrate-free meats, fresh vegetable and fruit juicing, and most menu items made fresh in-house.

We look forward to seeing you soon!